Led by Told by an Idiot’s Artistic Director Paul Hunter, our annual 5-day intensive offers a unique insight into creating and directing work from scratch, from which you will take away a toolkit that will enhance and refresh your practice as you continue to explore your own theatre making journey.   

The role of the Director in the devising process isn’t always straightforward. Often there is no script, no clear starting point, and sometimes almost nothing to go on. The Director has to assume a variety of roles and be extremely flexible and adaptable, with the actual act of directing often taking place late in the rehearsal process. All this apart, it can be the most rewarding experience a Director can ever have. 

This fascinating workshop examines the role of the Director in depth in a collaborative theatre making process. By exploring some of the crucial aspects of devising, including: establishing trust; creating a playful atmosphere; liberating the performer; generating verbal and physical material; editing and the relationship with a team of designers, you will gain a unique insight into Told by an Idiot’s devising process from a Director’s perspective. 

The workshop is suitable for directors and also for performers, who have an interest in directing. 

Feedback from participants

“It was exceptional. Paul is an absolute luminary. This was the most enlightening, liberating, inspiring workshop I've ever done.”

“The Director in the Devising Process has had an extremely positive impact on me as a director...Two years later, I am still regularly using these skills in my work.”  

"It’s not what you know that’s important; it’s what your passion gives you the potential to discover" - Geoff Dyer

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