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The Way of the Idiot is a great introduction to Told by an Idiot’s work, consisting of a range of engaging, practical exercises that give participants a taste of our unique approach to making theatre. Designed to create a healthy atmosphere of creative chaos in the workshop space, The Way of the Idiot encourages participants to think differently about devising, including the use of restrictions to spark creativity and using artistic provocations to encourage the ensemble to take creative risks and draw on the collective imagination.

We regularly deliver The Way of the Idiot over anything from 2 hours to 2 days, for GCSE Drama students, undergraduate and post graduate students, youth theatre groups, community groups, to offer a fresh perspective for the Research & Development (R&D) of a production and alongside our own productions as a way of offering an insight into our work. (This is not an exhaustive list!)

As with many of our other workshops, we design each version according to who we are working with and what they would like to take away from the experience.


Feedback from participants

‘Five stars. The workshop was engaging and entirely interactive…learning through doing made all the difference’

‘Stretching, stimulating, thought-provoking’

 ‘It was very light but precise and accurate at the same time. The tasks were explained very clearly, we had enough time to develop our own creativity without fear or pressure.’