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Over 2 days, you will work with Sophia to learn and develop the processes and techniques needed to deliver a set and costume design for a devised piece of theatre; when there is no script, just ideas flowing, before, during and even after rehearsals have finished!  

Sophia introduces a playful exploration of simple materials and shapes to help inspire the designer. How hard can a material or object work? How many things can it represent? How playful can it be? How can less be more? How can you create the visual world for a show embedding economy into the essence of the design?

In the workshop you will be responding to a Told by an Idiot design provocation. You will work towards a coherent set of ideas, using only the materials in the room across the 2 days. You will be guided by Sophia throughout via a series of playful exercises, embedding yourself in the collaborative nature of designing within a devising process.

This is a chance to meet and work with other designers over the weekend - an opportunity not often presented to designers as so much of the work is done solo. You will leave this hands-on workshop with a tool-kit of approaches to designing for devised theatre and a re-invigoration of your practice. 

Sophia is a regular Told by an Idiot designer, and highly experienced in her field. Her passion lies in creating installations, sets and objects for audiences and performers to inhabit, manipulate and transform. For more information on Sophia, click here, or visit her website -

Sophia's design of Told by an Idiot and Birmingham Rep production All You Need Is LSD