Rishard is an actor and has performed on stage and TV - most recently playing Lawrence on long standing soap BBC Doctors. He also teamed up with playwright Richard Walls during the pandemic to produce a soap opera inspired film project - The SquareHe works at a local school as a freelance assistant practitioner and hopes to inspire students to feel the joy that performance brings. 

Rishard is the life and soul of the party, he’s the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave. He works out daily at the gym and loves listening to fitness podcasts and sending gentle reminders to family and friends about staying healthy. His daily rituals also include dedicated time for singing and drawing random abstract lines and shapes to enhance images in magazines.

He would love to be on Eastenders, so much so that he superimposed himself in a photo with Phil and Grant Mitchell that was then sent to the BBC. They haven't taken the bait ... yet!