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A Springboard Into Chaos is a wonderful introduction to Told by an Idiot’s work that celebrates our unique approach to making theatre.

This workshop consists of a range of engaging, practical exercises tailored to meet the needs of participants with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and is designed to create an inclusive and safe environment that encourages collaboration and self-expression; using rhythm and playful provocations to spark creativity as well as games that stimulate collective imagination and that support exciting theatrical discoveries.

For us, our participants and audiences are at the heart of what we do which is why this workshop offers a personalised insight into devising theatre that provides participants with the tools they need to tell the stories that they want to tell. 

This workshop can be delivered from 2 - 4 hour workshop days to multiple shorter sessions depending on the needs of the group. We can tailor the workshop to GCSE Drama students, undergraduate and postgraduate students, youth theatre groups, and community groups, to offer a fresh and exciting perspective into our productions and insight into our work. (This is not an exhaustive list!) 

As with many of our other workshops, we design each version according to who we are working with and what they would like to take away from the experience.


Feedback from parents, carers and teachers

"Thanks once again for making this possible, please keep flinging those doors open and rolling out the red carpet for these amazing children and young adults - because they are just fantastic." 

“Very enjoyable. The children had a fun time. Nothing but smiles and laughter.” 

“Good simple fun. The people running/attending knew how to encourage my children to get involved.” 

 “The workshops were absolutely amazing for my child. The workshop worked well with all his needs/disabilities and really got him to join in and come out of his shell.” 

"My daughter can find it hard in strange environments with strangers and yet she settled so quickly and that was thanks to the staff and support and reassurance she received."