Our Taught by an Idiot participation programme offers a range of opportunities to engage with us and to join a growing community of Idiots.

In the same way as our productions, our participation projects and workshops are playful, anarchic, spontaneous and we strive to make them accessible to everyone and anyone. If you have a sense of openness, curiosity and the desire to play, you're likely to enjoy a Told by an Idiot workshop or project!

We regularly design and deliver projects for children and young people (both in and outside of school), theatre makers at all stages of their careers and a variety of different communities across the UK and beyond, with a particular interest in working with people who face barriers to participating and contributing to the arts industry. 

We are often asked questions by theatre makers, as well as students and others, who are interested in Told by an Idiot and finding out more about how we make our work. We asked the Idiot Doctor some of the most commonly asked questions...here are his answers!