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An online Idiot workshop exploring comedy and anarchy, inspired by the world of film   

Have you ever wondered how to write collaboratively? Where to take inspiration from? How and where to start?  

Led by Told by an Idiot practitioner, and renowned innovative ‘Little Soldier’ performer, Mercè Ribot, this evening online workshop will break down our devising process for you and give insight into a Told by an idiot rehearsal room. Using the starting points of iconic film soundtracks and your favourite movie scenes of all times, we will create our own unique pieces in cyber space. Inspired by Lynch, Spielberg or Lin-Manuel Miranda (it’s up to you!), with TBAI’s playful approach to devising you will take your own stories into unexpected places.   

This workshop is a 3 hour online workshop, and you will leave with a toolkit of exercises you can use when creating your own future projects. You’ll also meet other theatremakers looking to innovate and / or re-invigorate their practice too.