A woman obsessed with death builds her own coffin but can’t be bothered with the instructions.
Two men come to clear Mrs Ardent's house but get more than they bargained for.
And the devil is alive and well...and living in Lewes.

7 Deadly Idiots is our take on the 7 Deadly Sins as, for the first time, we disappear down a cinematic rabbit hole. Mixing the mischievous with the macabre, the unflattering with the unsettling, this unique version of these warnings to humankind fuse laughter and pain in true Idiot style.

Bringing together 7 extraordinary emerging film makers and an Idiot ensemble of 7 performers (including co-founder Hayley Carmichael), along with Idiot collaborator and esteemed actor Edward Petherbridge, 7 Deadly Idiots continues our journey of creating the unexpected since 1993.

The world premiere of 7 Deadly Idiots was held in London on 20th October 2022. 



Ayesha Antoine

Stacha Hicks

Paul Hunter

Jake Mann

Liran Nathan

Ada Player

Joel Stern



Hayley Carmichael

Isabella Leung

Jerone Marsh-Reid

Sophie Mercell

Edward Petherbridge

Bharat Singh

Sy Thomas

Meghan Treadway



Director of Photography   Andrew Howes

Sound Designer and Composer Adrienne Quartly

Sound Recordist   Victoria Knipper  

1st AD / Producer   Dudley Rees

Producer   Jennifer Holton

3rd AD / Assistant Producer  Jack Bentinck