An Idiot’s guide to Commedia, led by Told by an Idiot Artistic Director Paul Hunter

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 'Commedia contains the essentials of life, trying to eat, trying to procreate and trying desperately to avoid death’ Jacques Lecoq 

 Commedia is theatre of the human condition in its greatest need, it also celebrates and revels in the skill of the actor. As a form, it has had a huge impact on the work of Told by an Idiot, and this challenging and highly playful 2-day workshop will reveal a toolbox of skills essential for anyone interested in making provocative, unpredictable, performer-driven work.

The workshop will focus on inhabiting a living breathing Commedia, rather than attempting to rediscover an historic tradition. Through a variety of exercises exploring rhythm, timing, building a lazzi, physical virtuosity and staying in the shit, If Its Bad Make It Worse will explore a form that has reinvented itself for over 400 years and whose influence stretches far and wide - from Shakespeare to Molière, Loony Tunes to Fawlty Towers.