A much-loved character on Applehurst, the BBC soap opera, Sister George is a cheerful nurse who cycles around the countryside singing hymns and doing good. In reality, June Buckeridge the actress is a swaggering, foul mouthed loose cannon who has very little in common with her radio persona.

Due to low ratings, cut backs and Junes own bad behaviour, the BBC decides “Sister George” has to go…for good!

Told by an Idiot brought their unique visual flair and audacious blend of laughter and pain to this cult classic from the 1960s. The Killing of Sister George was an iconic black comedy shot through with surprising moments of tenderness. It was famously filmed with Beryl Reid in the title role, and was reinvented for the extraordinary space that is the New Vic. 



'Hunter brings us an inventive, tongue-in-cheek reinvention of the story of the demise of Sister George…a joy…clever and creative'  THE TELEGRAPH

'A really well produced and told production, with creative additions, lovely use of the stage/set and excellently acted'  ON IN MY CITY


Performance Dates

Friday 21st April - Saturday 13th May 2023        New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-Under-Lyme



Performers Hayley Carmichael, Rina Fatania, Patrycja Kujawska, Ada Player

Writer Frank Marcus

Director Paul Hunter

Designer Lulu Tam

Lighting Designer Daniella Beattie

Sound Designer / Composer Sophie Cotton