Ada is a film maker, a theatre maker, and a performer. She is a recent Theatre graduate from the University of Bristol, and has studied with clown master Philippe Gaulier.

Ada co-created and performed in Coach (featured in the Indoors Festival) and co-created the collaborative online mini series Storytellers. Episode 1, Prunes on Toast was featured on Piñata Tv, and Episode 6, Johnny and Tommy was played on BBC Radio Bristol and won the 2021 Funny Women Short Film competition.

She has performed regularly in the The Bish Bosh Bash (The Delight Collective, Bristol Improv Theatre), has co-devised and performed in sellout comedy Other Worlds, (The Cult of McIntyre) and has regularly performed solo material in clown shows such as Luke Rollason’s Cardboard News Network, and with Never Heard of it (Never heard of them).