Co-produced with Drum Theatre Plymouth Commissioned by barbicanbite09 and Unity Theatre

Fantastical and captivating The Fahrenheit Twins told the story of two siblings who lived with their scientist parents on a remote arctic exploration station. They spent their days racing huskies across the wintry tundra, rolling in the snow and recording key events in The Book of Knowledge. Their existence was perfect, until one day their mother unexpectedly takes to her bed and life for the twins would never be the same again.

Funny and savage, The Fahrenheit Twins is a poignantly tender tale of what happens when you can’t stop time.

Co-Artistic Directors of Told by an Idiot, Hayley Carmichael and Paul Hunter, brought acclaimed author Michel Faber’s story vividly to life, in an original production directed by Matthew Dunster in 2009.

Adapted by Told by an Idiot Based on a book by Michel Faber.



★★★★★ 'Icy brilliance beneath the fun fur' - The Times

★★★★★ 'The delightfully inventive, funny-sad new double-hander from Told by an Idiot' - The Independent