'All of the Idiots are devastated to hear of the death of my dearest old pal and wonderful comrade Stephen Harper.  Clown supreme, daft and dangerous, sensitive but with an outrageous twinkle. Au Revoir my beautiful friend'   Artistic Director, Paul Hunter
Stephen was an Idiot with a capital I and loved by us all. Not only was he in many of our shows, but he was also an Associate Idiot, leading many of our workshops and Taught by an Idiot projects. He approached everything he did with us with warmth, laugher and an irresistible grin and we will miss him greatly. Steve's work with us included: 


2013 - 2020: Get Happy
2016: Cabaret of Blood in collaboration with Hijinx (Director)
2018: All You Need is LSD (Director)
2019: The Silent Treatment (Director)


Stephen was one of our recent Regrets I've Had A Few podcast guests. You can listen to the episode here