Commissioned by BAC

A unique theatre experience fusing live jazz, improvisation, and a new dance craze where the world literally turns upside down. Based on the life and work of French cult novelist Boris Vian, 'I'm a Fool to Want You' was a freewheeling look at the nature of deception, an act of revenge, and the desire to live in the moment.

Suffering from a heart condition, the author of 'I spit on your graves' entered the Parisian cinema to watch an adaptation of his own cult novel. Thirty minutes later, and after shouting angrily at the screen, he was dead from a heart attack.

Taking this incident as its starting point, and performed in a style of extreme comic physicality, this production lured you into a world of the fantastic where the unexpected is perfectly normal.



Performers: Hayley Carmichael, Mark Crown, Stephen Harper, Zoe Rahman

Based on an original idea by Paul Hunter

Directed by Paul Hunter

Devised by the Company

Original music by Zoe Rahman

Designed by Naomi Wilkinson

Lighting by John MacKenzie