Set in a time of enlightenment, when the world was still large and men sought a name for themselves, I Can't Wake Up told the story of William and Emily, a happy couple who believed they shared the same memories, whereas in reality they drifted further and further apart.

The year is 1812, revolution has swept across Europe, Britain faces the might of Napoleon’s armies and the end of a poignant and funny love story is played out in a barbaric hospital. As William relives an epic journey across the ocean, a maverick doctor pushes the boundaries of medical knowledge.

Following the sell-out success of Shoot Me In The Heart (nominated for two Manchester Evening News Awards), Told by an Idiot brought their acclaimed mix of wild comedy and touching drama to this tale of memory, redemption and the importance of Lyme Regis.

I CAN’T WAKE UP was a beautiful, bizarre and cruel eulogy to a fading relationship, when sometimes humour is all that’s left.