Alongside our tour of I Am Thomas, Told by an Idiot ran a programme of engagement and participation workshops and projects for young people at each venue.


Liverpool: Three day creative residency, 24th  – 26th  February

Salford: Creative workshop, 2nd March

Salisbury: Creative workshop, 9th March

Edinburgh: Three day creative residency, 6th – 8th April

Inverness: Creative workshop, 14th April

London: Three day creative residency, 13th – 15th April


 “I thought it was a fantastic residency, made fantastic by a very enthusiastic group and supportive staff team.  I thought the lead artist was fantastic and gained a real quick bond with the young people and recognised quickly how to achieve a positive outcome for the group”

“I just want to say how amazing the workshop was yesterday. Scarlett was absolutely brilliant, her friendly yet highly challenging approach and creative, open style had a huge impact on the students. Some of our students did work that I could imagine being part of their GCSE exam in a year's time! I am absolutely over the moon that the students had such a fantastic and memorable experience.”

“The students had a great time and really enjoyed the workshop. Unbelievably, only one of the group had ever been in the theatre before!”

“They thought Charlie was really funny, and said that they really liked the way they were treated like grown ups and not like kids.”

“Please can we do it again? I want another workshop!” 

“Beautifully amazing!”

We also created a resource pack for schools, teachers and youth groups with games, exercises, activities, information on the show and historical context. This was designed to enable young people and students to explore the production creatively and in greater depth. You can download the resource pack here