A joyful experiment in digital

We have delivered our digital devising project, Connected, three times between 2014 and 2018, to bring groups of people together using digital tools such as Skype and VR, facilitating exciting creative and cultural exchanges and making original theatre over a 6-week period using our trademark ‘Idiot’ approach. Workshops are delivered every week at the same time with two groups, with opportunities for digital connection. This project structure creates an online workshop and rehearsal space that participants in both groups can share and contribute to.

2018: Project working with young people aged 15 to 17 in partnership with the Bush Theatre and Stratford Circus Arts Centre, London

2015: Project working with young adults aged 16 to 20 in partnership with Belgrade Theatre, Coventry and Well Worn Theatre Johannesburg

2014: Pilot intergenerational project at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

We are currently planning our next version of the project, Connected: Plymouth to Perth, which will bring together a group of older people aged 65+ in Devonport, Plymouth, and a group of young people aged 14-18 in Perth, Scotland, who are both facing social isolation due to a variety of factors. In this version of the project, we will be exploring the potential of Social VR and motion tracking technology to create an online world that we can also share with audiences at the end of the project. We will also be looking at how VR can combat social isolation and increase feelings of wellbeing.

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Feedback so far for Connected:

“I had a bit of a blast doing it because it’s nothing like no one has ever done before, so different and you don’t know what’s going to happen, it was just like all surprises and fun.”

“I have enjoyed getting to know everyone here and also been able to really work together and to make lots of pieces... it was fun”

"There were many a laugh and sheer joyful moments as the experiment took form and the games played began to seem as though they were played in one room and not over the ocean...There was magic.  The children began to see themselves as equals of the UK counterparts and of each other and they started to play with gusto. The performance created a gem of a piece that made every participant proud; from the children to the facilitators and even the technical crew joined in the joy”.