A Told by an Idiot, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Lyric Hammersmith co-production

The year is 1755 and a strange series of events has broken out across Europe. In Flanders, baker's bread rises without yeast; in Padua a church service is interrupted as an entire female congregation goes into labour, whilst in Cirencester, several magistrates are seen cavorting naked on St Swithin’s Day. Could Casanova be the cause of these provocative miracles?

In this startlingly fresh look at the world's most notorious lover, Casanova became a woman. Created by Carol Ann Duffy, one of the UK's most celebrated poets, and featuring Hayley Carmichael in the title role, Casanova saw Told by an Idiot take audiences on a scandalously funny and passionate ride with the irresistible seducer.