Are you a deviser or a devising company? Are you stuck? Wrestling with stuff in your process? 

Why not book a free appointment with the Idiot Doctor and chat your ideas through (confidentially of course). Paul Hunter, Artistic Director of Told by an Idiot will talk through your creative project with you, act as a sounding board for ideas and offer advice and guidance.

"I can't recommend the Doctor's appointment enough. This is a completely free offering that is the perfect opportunity for young theatre makers to sift through their ideas and plans. Paul was brilliant at being concise and to the point within the time frame...clearing up some of the difficulties I have faced as a young theatre maker" - Patient

Please contact us with some information about yourself, what you're working on. We'll let you know as soon as the next appointment slot comes up. Appointments are usually London-based.

Can't get to an appointment? Have a look at our FAQs for Theatre Makers

The job of the director is to suggest two plus two. Let the viewer say four."   Ernest Lubitsch