"We are delighted to welcome Kitty Kong as General Manager, and Maria Laumark as Assistant Producer. They are both terrific new assets to the Idiot team. Their passion, enthusiasm, commitment and wealth of international experience made them outstanding candidates and we look forward to working with two exciting and provocative imaginations. Idiot HQ will be invigorated by their arrival and their contribution marks a new and exciting chapter in the Idiot journey."

Paul Hunter, Artistic Director and Jen Holton, Executive Director



"I will never forget my first time being on stage during my secondary school years; the experience has benefited me ever since. Theatre gives my life purpose, helps me express my feelings during the darkest times, and records important moments of my life. It has been wonderful to start anew in a different country and continue working on something I am passionate about. I am looking forward to the exciting projects Told by an Idiot has coming up, and getting to know and work with the Told by an Idiot community."

Kitty Kong, General Manager
"I’m really thrilled to join the Idiots and get started on all the exciting projects we have coming up! I look forward to using my experience of working internationally to help expand the reach of Told by an Idiot's work. I am also particularly excited about Taught by an Idiot and hope I can bring my experience as an artist, facilitator and engagement producer to create some exciting programmes."

Maria Laumark, Assistant Producer