"This is a collection of musings on theatre, touching on thoughts that have been gnawing away at me over the last thirty years. They are entirely personal, subjective, and in some way connect with what lies at the heart of the Idiots' work."
Paul Hunter, Artistic Director, Told by an Idiot


The More Real You Try To Make It, The Less Real It Becomes - The last train back to London, Victorian handcuffs and suspicious transactions in kebab shops

The Conspiracy of Boredom I have always been curious about boredom, and in this time of lockdown I find myself giving more thought to it...

Well It's Alright If You Like Laughing I Suppose - "They all laughed when I said I was going to I be a comedian, they’re not laughing now" Bob Monkhouse

Oh Look It's Bill Murray - Naked banana dancing, Dr. Venkman, and a run in with a Romanian Tony Soprano

Still In Showbiz Acting is giving a shit, and not giving a shit at the same time