A year ago Told by an Idiot made a decision, we were not going to spend all our time firefighting, having endless conversations about keeping the company afloat waiting for the crisis to pass. Instead we chose ‘Staying Live’, and in 2020 we managed to do this in a variety of ways: 
  • Performing our crazy family sketch show Get Happy outdoors as part of the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 
  • Developing new ideas with collaborators 
  • Offering our annual Role of the Director in the Devising Process workshop at the Jerwood Space

Our focus on ‘Staying Live’ doesn’t mean that we eschew the digital. Just that rather than focusing on the reductive act of streaming live theatre, we look to generate new and innovative digital content. 

In 2021 we continue our commitment to ‘Staying Live’ with Get Happy 21 a performance, participation and installation project taking place in four locations of economic and cultural need, and the revival of Charlie and Stan our homage to two men who changed the world of comedy forever. 

We still have a heartfelt commitment to provide employment for theatre freelancers who remain in a desperate situation. We care about all those amazing imaginations who have worked on our shows previously, and all those who we have yet to work with and who we want to meet. 

Theatre is a live communal experience, and in these extraordinary times we are living through it feels vital that we recommit to that idea. 

Paul Hunter
Artistic Director, Told by an Idiot