Lukan is a a 25 year old actor with experience in theatre and film. He particularly enjoys making short films and community theatre and is very skilled at film making, creating stories, improvisation and comedy. Lukan is also interested in singing, rapping and dancing.

His theatre credits include: Romeo and Juliet (Birmingham REP and Lightpost); The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale (Open Theatre Company,Birmingham Hippodrome and Imagineer); Brummie Iliad (Lightpost Theatre and Birmingham REP); Bridge of Light: Sing and Sign Makaton Choir Imagineer (Open Theatre Company and Spot Drama for Imagineer's BRIDGE project); Mally (Lightpost Theatre and Birmingham REP); Between Two Children (Sandwell College); Bedlam (Midlands Arts Centre & Lightpost Theatre); The Misogyny Trial (Midlands Arts Centre); A Christmas Carol (Foundation Learning); The Twisted Tale of Hansel and Gretel (R&D - Open Theatre).