A Relaxed performance is ideal for those who would benefit from a more informal approach to noise and movement in the auditorium or would feel more at ease knowing they could enter and exit freely.

Every performance of Get Happy is Relaxed. For this production that means:

  • The house will be opened early to allow you more time to find your seats.
  • The Front of House team are briefed on providing a more informal service and relaxing the standards in regard to audience behaviour during the performance.
  • Latecomer and re-admittance points will be relaxed to allow people to leave and re-enter the auditorium more freely.
  • The house lights will remain slightly raised to during the performance to ensure your safety if you need to move about.
  • Auditorium doors will be kept open during the performance to assist you in entering and exiting the theatre during the performance.
  • The performers are briefed about Relaxed performances and know that you may need to move around and make noise.
  • A quiet chill out space is provided with comfortable seating.
  • This production is suitable for babes in arms
  • The performance has not been sensory adapted.

Please get in touch with the Barbican if you would like to discuss further before making a booking. Contact the Theatre team at [email protected]

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