We are a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England and receive a fixed amount of public subsidy each year to produce innovative and risk taking new theatre. This amounts to approximately 48% of our total income. We raise the remainder of our income through touring our productions, running workshops and participation opportunities and, importantly, from sponsorship and individual donations.

By donating to Told by an Idiot you are directly contributing to the creation of our work. You can make a huge difference. From funding props and costumes used in research and development weeks to funding placements on our workshops for early career theatre-makers whose voices; individuals whose voices are underrepresented in our industry. Our Taught by an Idiot participation work within communities across the country also cannot continue without financial support. 

Please click on 'donate' to contribute to our work. If you would like any further information about donating to the company we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Jenni Grainger (Executive Director) on 020 7407 4123.

Ways to support Told by an Idiot through a regular donation:

A Bit of an Idiot (£4 per month)

Your money will go towards funding the materials we need for our research and development of new productions.This is crucial to the way we create our shows. 

More of an Idiot (£12 per month)

Your donation would be contributing to the training of our workshop practitioners, ensuring they are regularly refreshed with the skills needed to work with both early-career theatre-makers and also harder to reach community groups and young people. 

An Honorary Idiot (£45 per month)

You donation would enable us to continue to digitally live stream rehearsals, ensuring anyone and every has access to our creative process regardless of where they are in the world. 

A Complete Idiot (£100 per month)

Your donation would go directly towards allowing us to offer free placements on our Artist Development workshops. These places would go to early-career artists / theatre-makers who would not otherwise be able to attend.  



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Thanks to our current individual supporters: 

D Harris, A Nelson, Renee Cruz, Stephen Whinder, Louise Jeffreys, Jacqui O'Hanlon, Tori Dance, Robert McCreath, Justin Audibert, Pippa Banham, Alison Porter, Robert and Moira Latham 

Our Sustainability Action Plan is kindly supported by Chris Martin