We are a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England, however, demand for our work far exceeds our funding and our activity and ambition remain high across each year. Our Taught by an Idiot participation and engagement programme works in synergy with our professional productions, and yet is only made possible through additional funding.

We are currently fundraising for:

If you are a Trust or Foundation, or public sector funder and would like to find out more about how you can support our shows and our Taught by an Idiot work, please contact Jenni Grainger, Executive Director call 0207 407 4123.

We are grateful for the generosity of Trusts and Foundations who have supported us in the past and continue to work alongside us in order to help us achieve our vision of making our work accessible to all. 


“Being offered a free place on The Role of the Director in the Devising Process workshop has been invaluable. As a young director with limited funds, finding places that provide accessible opportunities for training prove to be difficult.” 

"[The Assistant Director Placement Programme] has given me tremendous confidence in myself and the contribution I can make to push for change in the future."  


Our recent and current supporters include:

Baily Thomas Charitable Fund

Boshier Hinton Foundation

Charles Mason and Naomi Wilkinson Foundation

The Claire Milne Trust

Derby City Council

Fidelio Charitable Trust

Garrick Charitable Trust

Gisela Graham Foundation

Norton Foundation

Royal Victoria Hall Foundation

Thistle Trust