Workshops for schools and teachers

We deliver workshops and projects at schools, colleges, drama schools and universities up and down the country, and design participatory experiences for students and young people designed to encourage creativity and discovery. Our workshops and projects are suitable for Key Stages 2 – 5 and higher education groups.


Topics we cover in our workshops include:




Devising theatre 




We are also a proud Arts Award supporter and can also offer workshops and opportunities to help students achieve their Bronze & Silver Arts Awards. 

If you are a Teacher, University or Drama School practitioner we can work with you to create a bespoke Idiot workshop for your students tailored to your teaching objectives – to book a workshop for your students or to discuss a project or creative idea please contact Participation Manager Natasha Bergg on


“This participation work should be rolled out as an example of excellence...exhilarating and empowering”


“There was constant laughter throughout and an increasing focus amongst my pupils as they realised how relevant the teachings of 'Told By An Idiot' are.  I think the pupils were sad when the workshop ended.”  


“The students were all fully engaged – putting forward suggestions and experimenting with scenarios and improvising in groups. Talking to both the teachers afterwards they felt the students had gained a lot from this workshop in giving permission to ‘play’ rather than simply ‘rehearse’.”


“So many ideas that I can take back to my classroom!”


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Teacher’s Resource Packs

We create free education packs for each of our productions. These packs are designed to support learning and understanding of our productions for students and to provide teachers with the materials to assist students in the practical study of our productions.


Each of our packs can be accessed free and are available for the following productions (please follow the links and click on the 'production download'):


The Fahrenheit Twins

And The Horse You Rode In On

Never Try This At Home

My Perfect Mind 

I Am Thomas

Heads Will Roll