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Building the Chaos

14 apr, 2018 - 15 apr, 2018 - Toynbee Studios, London

Are you a performer interested in honing your improvisation, devising and comedy skills?

Taking inspiration from the greats of silent comedy,  Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton, this two-day workshop will explore the idea of adding a fresh twist to some classic routines, led by Associate Idiot and experienced performer, director and theatre maker Stephen Harper.

We will draw on clown, commedia dell’arte and the work of Michael Chekhov to look at the technique and spirit needed to create brilliant comic set pieces.

You will take away a toolkit of ideas and practical approaches, which will enable you to make your own gags, numbers and comedy routines, including: hand to hand combat techniques in order to create slapstick violence, pratfalls, double takes and throwing custard pies.

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Taught by an Idiot Workshops

We run Taught by an Idiot workshops in the UK, Europe, and internationally.

For more information on our workshops for schools and teachers click here

Artist Development Workshops

Throughout the year we run Artist Development workshops for theatre professionals and artists across all disciplines and at all stages of their career. These workshops focus intensively on different aspects of the Told by an Idiot style of creating theatre.

We release our Artist Development workshop dates throughout the year so please look out for advertisements on our website, Facebook and Twitter or join our mailing list. Please contact Natasha Bergg for more information on our programme of workshops and to be added to the mailing list.

Feedback from our Artist Development Workshops:

“An incredible opportunity to learn from the experience and hard won knowledge of a brilliantly innovative company"

“A hands on extravaganza on how to be an idiot and produce work organically”

“Inspiring, evocative, informative and fun, fun, fun.”

“It was exceptional. Paul is an absolute luminary. This was the most enlightening, liberating, inspiring workshop I've ever done.”

Artist Development workshops that we offer on a regular basis for all theatre professionals include:

Led by Artistic Director Paul Hunter, a week-long workshop exploring some of the crucial aspects of directing a devised piece

The Role of the Director in the Devising Process

 This workshop examines what lies at the heart of Told by an Idiot and explores liberating the performer and the importance of spontaneity

The Way of the Idiot

Commedia - Primarily a form that revels in the virtuosity of the actor, Told by an Idiot will take the participants on a journey over two days to unlock the performer’s most wild and spontaneous impulse.

If It's Bad Make It Worse

This provocative, challenging, and dynamic workshop led by Artistic Director Paul Hunter will throw the focus onto the performer and will examine what lies at the heart of TBAI's work.



Creating It, Owning It, Doing It

Are you a young deviser or a young devising company? Are you stuck? Wrestling with stuff in your process?

Then why not book a free appointment with the Idiot Doctor and chat your ideas through (confidentially of course). Paul Hunter, Artistic Director of Told by an Idiot will talk through your creative project with you, act as a sounding board for ideas and offer advice and guidance. The surgery will take place once a month at the Idiot office in RADA Studios, Chenies St, central London. 

Surgery hours:   26th June, 10am -12pm

To be considered for an appointment, email Amanda Castro with your CV and an outline of your project which you would like to discuss with Paul. 

The Doctor Will See You Now

A 2 day workshop for writers and performers interesting in writing and the role of the writer in a collaborative process

The Role of the Writer in the Devising Process

A 2 day workshop looking at the role of the performer in the theatre, focussing on play, rhythm and liberating the performer.


Bigger Than Life

This intensive workshop inspired by My Perfect Mind looks at the notion of making theatre from real life experience.


It Happened To Me so it Must be Interesting

A 2 day workshop focussing on the company's unique approach to Shakespeare

An Idiot's Guide to Shakespeare