Learning and exploring the curriculum through theatre

·                    Can take place in four separate sessions or one intensive day

·                    Suitable for KS1 and KS2 – for up to 30 students

·                    Explore a curriculum subject through theatre


These workshops use drama games and exercises to explore other curriculum areas such as history, science and English. It will provide a chance for pupils to consolidate their learning on a specific curriculum topic. Engaging pupils in complex topics and be useful for the teacher as an evaluative opportunity to provide evidence of pupil’s learning.


Told by an Idiot facilitators will work with pupils, engaging them in creative games and activities and working together to create an original story based on a topic of your choice. During the sessions pupils will be using theatrical techniques and tools in order to unlock their imaginations and explore an area of the curriculum that they are learning about in their lessons.


They will undergo tasks such as:

·           Developing characters

·           Creating scene by scene breakdowns

·           Creating dialogue

·           Making props


The pupils will create a short pieceof theatre based on the story they have made together to be performed for friends and family at the end of the final session. After the sessions have ended, the school will be sent an illustrated version of their story which they can distribute to the children or display in their classroom, and used in future years to teach the same topic.


These sessions can increase pupil’s confidence with literacy and storytelling, as well as strengthening their knowledge of the topic being explored. Pupils will learn new ways to communicate their ideas to each other, collaborate, think creatively and will learn how to devise an original piece of theatre. This project will provide an opportunity for active learning specific to the curriculum, through creative and imaginative exercises in the true Told by an Idiot style, focusing on collaboration, spontaneity and play.


For more information and to find out how your school can get involved, please contact our participation manager on natashabergg@toldbyanidiot.org