Connected was a digital playmaking exchange project, led by Told By An Idiot Theatre Company in London and Well Worn Theatre in Johannesburg and in partnership with UK digital theatre company C&T. Working with young people between the ages of 16 and 20 who had little or no previous experience in theatre or digital arts, Well Worn and Told By An Idiot facilitated the making of an original piece of theatre between the two locations. Told by an Idiot worked with a group of young people at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, who collaborated with their peers in Johannesburg in a series of simultaneous workshops to learn more about life as a teenager in the two countries and to create together. The entire devising process was shared via an online rehearsal room and through on-going, online dialogues between the two groups, leading to a final public performance.



“I have enjoyed getting to know everyone here and also been able to really work together and to make lots of pieces... it was fun”

“Absolutely brilliant”

“Uncommonly beautiful”

“I had a bit of a blast doing it because it’s nothing like no one has ever done before, so different and you don’t know what’s going to happen, it was just like all surprises and fun.”


"There were many a laugh and sheer joyful moments as the experiment took form and the games played began to seem as though they were played in one room and not over the ocean...There was magic.  The children began to see themselves as equals of the UK counterparts and of each other and they started to play with gusto. The performance created a gem of a piece that made every participant proud; from the children to the facilitators and even the technical crew joined in the joy”.