Heads Will Roll rehearsal diary

Find out what's been going on in our rehearsal room as our Heads Will Roll team continue their search for El Dorado!

7 October 2016 - 'Tech rehearsals and the first preview!'

The tech week has been great and we had a few dress rehearsals on stage before the first preview last night.  We were lucky to be joined by The Lab Company from Theatre Royal Plymouth for the final dress; a group of early career theatre artists and practitioners. They were a fantastic audience and we were able to have a chat with them about the Idiot way to making theatre, we are looking forward to hearing what they all go on to do!

Rehearsals down, time for the first preview... The theatre was packed full of an enthusiastic and engaged audience, people laughed, cried, gasped - we went on quite a journey with them. It's so gratifying seeing all elements of a show come together, lighting, sound, set and costume, and seeing an audience respond to a production we've been working on for over a year since the first research and development week. We can't wait for preview two tonight and to share this show with as many of you as possible!

The show features plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and as a result, backstage,  the company office looks more like a vegetables shop! It's great being at Theatre Royal Plymouth, such a lovely supportive team - we are relishing every moment. 

Rehearsals over, tech over, preview one over - the tour of Heads Will Roll has well and truly begun! Keep in touch on Twitter @ToldbyanIdiot93 -  Let us know if you'll be joining us along the way, and what you think of the show!

30 September 2016 – ‘End of London rehearsals - we're Plymouth bound!’

What a fantastic few weeks it's been, all gone in a flash but we have devised so much material for the show and are really looking forward to sharing it with everyone! From dancing and singing through to improvisation and fruit puppetry - Heads Will Roll has it all.

We've had some exciting and diverse prop deliveries this week, including beautiful Amazonian handmade jewellery, children's lunchboxes and a machete! We also had a visit from Barking and Dagenham college students, who came to see the rehearsals in action. We played some of the Heads Will Roll music and continued to develop scenes and transitions. it was a great opportunity to perform to a friendly and enthusiastic audience and to share the rehearsal process with them in the run up to tech week in Plymouth.

We have just about packed up the rehearsal room and managed to fit everything into our tour van - a van full of instruments, tables, conquistador jackets and fruit puppets! Rehearsals may now be over in London, but we cant wait to journey down to Plymouth for tech week which starts on Monday - we will next speak to you from there!


19 September 2016 – ‘Filming, priests and romantic encounters!’            

With just over two weeks until we open at Theatre Royal Plymouth, it's been an exciting week with the full set in rehearsals (look out for the TV toilet contraption) costume fittings and of course, filming the trailer!

We have been working with Dusthouse on our Heads Will Roll trailer, they definitely get the barmy nature of our work and they create beautiful films, so it was a joy to collaborate with them. The filming day was as bonkers as any other Idiot shoot - full of body paint, music, machetes and melons... We don't want to give too much away though, so keep your eyes peeled for the grand unveiling in the next few days.

Back in the rehearsal room with filming over, we have been looking at Spanish songs and celebrations, priests giving mass (with a difference) and romantic encounters in the BBC production office. We've also introduced some more instruments into the show, so we've enjoyed working out how and when to use them throughout the piece. 

All in all it's been another energetic, creative and fun packed week. We can't wait to share the madness with you!


11 September 2016 - 'A busy first week!'

It’s been a busy week back in the rehearsal room. We have spent much of our time looking at how two of the worlds within Heads Will Roll will interlink and weave throughout the piece; those of the Spanish Conquistadors discovering South America, and the El Dorado soap opera production team desperately trying to make their tv show a success.

There’s been singing conquistadors, synchronised swimming and even a poisoned dart or two! To top it off, all is far from smooth in the El Dorado soap opera production meetings – the series director has shared the storyboards for the upcoming episodes, but the only problem is that she’s using children’s drawings…

It's fair to say we are having a lot of fun and we’ve well and truly launched back into the world of Heads Will Roll. We have enjoyed sharing our El Dorado expedition with  our co-producers, Theatre Royal Plymouth, who came up to join us in rehearsals at the end of last week.

Another highlight involved a trip to Ridley Road Market, shopping for puppetry inspiration – in a Told by an Idiot rehearsal room, the vegetables are not only for eating…

This week sees more prop sourcing, costume fittings, improvisation and filming our production trailer. It’s going to be an adventure - keep an eye out here for more updates!