All You Need Is LSD
04 oct, 2018 - 17 nov, 2018

All You Need Is LSD

04 oct, 2018 - 17 nov, 2018

A world premiere new play by Leo Butler

In 2015, acclaimed British playwright Leo Butler accepted an invitation from former Government drugs tsar, Professor David Nutt, to be a guinea pig in the world’s first LSD medical trials since the 1960’s. 

Monty Python, Being John Malkovich, and Alice in Wonderland all resonate in this exhilarating and original comedy as we watch Leo jump down the rabbit-hole of a medical trial in search of enlightenment - and a good story.

Along the way he meets an array of characters from Aldous Huxley and The Beatles, to Steve Jobs and Ronald Reagan, whose own stories in the history of LSD are hilariously and poignantly uncovered.

Does the world still need a psychedelic revolution?  And will Leo make it back home in time for tea?

 Part history, party wild fantasy, this darkly humorous new play illuminates the drugs debate that won’t go away and examines the freedom we have to make our own choices in life, and death.

‘the drug laws in this country- the drug laws IN THE WORLD - all stem from this attitude that pleasure is a bad thing’  

 In their 25th year, critically acclaimed theatre company Told by an Idiot collaborate with one of the UK’s finest playwrights to continue to create the unexpected.


★★★★Evening StandardTime OutTelegraphFinancial TimesDaily MailObserverSunday Times   (For Boy by Leo Butler, Almeida Theatre, 2016)

A Told by an Idiot and Birmingham Repertory Theatre co-production

Directed by Paul Hunter and Stephen Harper


Birmingham Repertory Theatre

04 oct, 2018 - 13 oct, 2018

Unity Theatre Liverpool

16 oct, 2018 - 20 oct, 2018

Tobacoo Factory Theatres, Bristol

01 nov, 2018 - 03 nov, 2018

Lowry, Salford Quays

06 nov, 2018 - 10 nov, 2018

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

14 nov, 2018 - 17 nov, 2018