The Idiot community has developed and grown since Told by an Idiot was founded in 1993. The name of our company is not just a quote from Shakespeare, but reflects those who often exist on the margins and whose stories don’t get told. It is a large and diverse collective of ‘Idiots’, ranging from a young trumpet player in Caracas, to our two most recent poet Laureates Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage, from BBC Correspondent Laura Trevelyan to early-career theatre makers from a range of disciplines.

In the spirit of being a company that is truly experimental and also accessible, we offer people as many opportunities as possible to engage with our work. This can take a variety of forms, from working with us as an Assistant Director, taking advantage of our funded places on artist development workshops, applying for our Naomi Wilkinson Award for Stage Design or booking in for one of our regular Idiot Doctor's Surgeries. You can get the A-Z lowdown on Told by an Idiot here, our approach is one of openness, playfulness, curiosity, and provocation, so come and join us.

You’ll find opportunities to start or continue your journey with us as an Idiot throughout the website, but current opportunities will also be posted here.


Current opportunities:

  • The Doctor Will See You Now - Are you stuck in your creative process? Wrestling with a devised piece or idea?Struggling to stay creative in lockdown? Book yourself in for a free appointment with the Idiot Doctor, aka our Artistic Director Paul Hunter, who holds surgeries regularly.


'If you can laugh together, you can work together'  Robert Orben