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Current productions available for international touring are:  

The Strange Tale of Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel

In 1910 the unknown Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel set sail for New York as part of  Fred Karno's famous music hall troupe. On this journey, Charlie and Stan shared a cabin and then spent two years together touring North America, with Stan as Charlie’s understudy. Stan returned home, later finding success with his soulmate Oliver Hardy. Charlie developed his Little Tramp character and within five years became one of the most famous figures in the world.  

In Charlie Chaplin’s highly detailed autobiography Stan Laurel is never mentioned.

Stan talked about Charlie all his life.

Playing fast and loose with the facts and with an original piano score composed by Mercury Award Nominee Zoe Rahman played live each night, The Strange Tale of Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel is no nostalgic bio-drama, but a hilarious and deeply moving homage to two men who changed the world of comedy forever.  

Get Happy

Enter a world of artfully controlled chaos. 

There’s a mysterious bag that drops from a height. 
Shoes have magical powers. 
And the strangest egg sandwich is made in front of your eyes. 

Physical comedy, live music, acrobatics, silly dancing and audience interaction all feature in this 'madcap little gem' (Time Out) - a show for kids and adults of all ages. Told by an Idiot has looked to the work of Charlie Chaplin, Dr Seuss and Pina Bausch to fashion an unexpected variety performance, bursting with quirky playfulness and off-the-wall humour.  


Kill Will 

A pop up festival show

Shakespeare as you've never seen him before

'Just when you thought you were the greatest ever playwright in the English language another one turns up'

Two identical Shakespeares argue over who is the true bard of Avon. They brawl, shout, kick, and chase each other around the most unlikely of places. This wild, anarchic, funny and unpredictable event celebrates the ludicrous side of the English psyche.

'To punch him on the nose or not punch him on the nose. That is the question'