21st & 22nd February, 2024 10.30-5.00pm daily

Join the Idiots for this 2 day masterclass with internationally acclaimed leader in the field of comedy and physical theatre; Jos Houben. 
“Jos is a phenomenon, I could watch him all day. His provocative and insightful contribution to ‘Charlie and Stan’ (our homage to Chaplin and Laurel) was invaluable. Time spent in a rehearsal with him is never wasted, and it is always enormous fun.”
Paul Hunter - Artistic Director Told by an Idiot
In this workshop the participants will learn about the 5 different spaces we carry at each given moment of our lives, and that we develop from our first movements as a baby through to the maturity of adulthood, on a rising scale of complexity, from the awareness of the internal and external body space to the unlimited space of the imagination.

Each space has its particular characteristics and resonance, has its own implications, and at the same time each space is contained in the higher one. We will discover first how to recognise and access them, how to use them in life, in connection with ourselves and others. Then we make the step towards creation: art, and specifically for the workshop, theatre. 
Theatre is the ultimate art of Time and Space: in real time and real space we take the audience on a journey to an imaginary time and space. The participants will learn how to apply and utilise these spatial concepts to create and play with more poetic effect, pertinence and depth.

A truly revealing and empowering experience is guaranteed.

Participants are required to have loose and neutral clothing and to bring a few ordinary daily life objects (elementary: sticks ropes planks) or utilitarian ( tools kitchenware etc).
Ages 18+
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