Never Try This At Home
27 feb, 2014 - 27 apr, 2014

Never Try This At Home

27 feb, 2014 - 27 apr, 2014

A darkly funny satire looking back at 1970s children's TV shows. Custard pies and forced smiles. Welcome to Saturday morning TV… that means pie fights, buckets of water, casual sexism and thoughtless misogyny!

Never Try This At Home was an uncomfortably funny and shockingly ludicrous comedy which transported you back to 70s kids TV show Shushi. After an obsessive fan took desperate measures, celebs went missing and presenters reached breaking point, Shushi was cancelled and taken off air. Acclaimed theatre company Told by an Idiot dared to look back at exactly what went wrong… There was raucous energy, a live house-band, playful nostalgia, unbelievable characters… and a free protective plastic mac if you dared to sit in the front row!

Bands that performed with us:

Blank Canvas

Jack Hinks

Shelly Ravid
Livia Rita
Ashley Lennon
Rony Trio
Travis Clarke
The Coolness

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No ordinary show...talented versatile cast.... lots of laughs!

Birmingham Post , 11 mar, 2014

The show combines script and improvisation seamlessly. There is no storyline too extreme for these actors!

What's On Stage , 11 mar, 2014

A play that doesn’t pause for breath in the entire ninety minutes.

The Public Reviews , 11 mar, 2014

Joyous piece of theatre, an evening of unalloyed bliss. I bloody loved it!

BumOnASet ,

Undeniable fun!

Scotsman , 29 mar, 2014

A hoot... the raucous E-number energy is totally infectious

Time Out , 06 apr, 2014

Surreal, off-beat and unapologetically silly

What's On Stage , 04 apr, 2014